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Meet the Experts


About Israel Experts


Israel Experts is an educational tourism company that was established in 1999.
The company is a leading provider of Birthright Israel trips and Onward Israel programs, and utilizes its in-house education and operations teams to build interesting, fun and dynamic itineraries to appeal to all participants.

On the Onward Israel program, we provide internships customized to each participant’s interest and field of study as well as support regarding the internship throughout the program.


There will be a social counselor who lives in Be’er Sheva and Haifa who will be your Israeli mom/dad for the duration of the program. They will be there for you for small things, like where you can get the best falafel in the area, and for the bigger things like if you get sick and need some TLC and help at the doctor’s. They serve as the support system for the group helping with cultural or social challenges, navigating the city and country, and more.

Can't wait to see you in Israel!

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